Celebrate the Lunar New Year with Call of Duty®: Mobile

In honor of the Year of the Tiger, participate in a range of events and content filled to the brim with the spirit of the Lunar New Year and spilling over with plentiful rewards.

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Celebrate the Lunar New Year with Call of Duty®: Mobile

In honor of the Year of the Tiger, participate in a range of events and content filled to the brim with the spirit of the Lunar New Year and spilling over with plentiful rewards.

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The Lunar New Year is a time of celebration, renewal, and good fortune for family and friends. To show our appreciation for all the fans who have supported Call of Duty: Mobile since launch, we’re kicking off the Lunar New Year with a ton of new free content, including new events, modes, Battle Royale points of interest and activities, a fresh reimagining of Nuketown, and more.

The Lunar New Year event begins January 28th UTC. Here is what’s in store for the celebration:

Events Beginning January 28

Winter Wish Themed Event

May your greatest wishes come true in the Winter Wish event. Complete daily tasks to earn tokens that can be used to select items from a group of three prize pools. Complete all seven tasks to acquire one Epic, three Rare, and three Uncommon items. Completing all seven wishes grants a free additional Epic item!

Tiger Pact Collection Event

Earn Tiger Coins for completing various tasks in Multiplayer and Battle Royale, which can then be redeemed for loot. The event features over a dozen rewards, the most coveted likely being the Epic Swordfish — Cool Tiger and the Ice Axe — Cool Tiger Weapon Blueprints, as well as a series of items featuring the Tiger Ritual camo series.

Battle Royale Map Updates

Experience new content across both Battle Royale maps, with new snowy areas and extra content around Ski Town in Isolated and the Hydro Dam in Blackout. Here’s what you’ll find in each:

New Items: Loot Lunar New Year–themed Frag Grenades that turn enemies into snowmen and FHJ-18 Launchers that shoot fireworks.

Loot Platform: Launch up to the Atlas Corporation floating platform to enter a high-Tier loot area. While on the platform, players can throw only snowballs at each other. Leave the platform to access the weapons you’ve acquired.  

Loot Balloons: Shoot down air balloons positioned all around each map to release loot crates and Tiger Coins, which can be used in the Tiger Pact collection event.

Slide Boost: Travel longer distances when sliding on ice and snow, opening new tactical maneuvers to outplay your foes.

Snowmen: Snowmen have taken up residence in the snowy areas of each map. Find and attach their missing decorations to receive loot and Tiger Coins.

Minigames: Hit up the arcade for a few rounds of Darts and Kaboom. Play for loot and view your leaderboard ranking next to each arcade machine.

Fireworks: Launch fireworks scattered around the map to earn more loot.

Tiger Coins: Earn Tiger Coins any time you eliminate a player, anywhere on the map.

Plus, exclusively for Isolated, participate in the snowboarding minigame led by Urban Tracker in Ski Town. Talk to her to get your snowboard and start the race! Earn loot and Tiger Coins by collecting Call of Duty: Mobile tokens as you run the course. Get to the finish line fast, and check your ranking on the leaderboard next to the track.

Nuketown Temple

Deploy to Nuketown with a fresh Lunar New Year–themed setting complete with lanterns and classic temple architecture. Set within the bounds of a big city, Nuketown Temple offers the same wild combat you’ve known and loved for years with a completely new look.

Participate in the Nuketown: Year of the Tiger event by completing tasks on the map, in turn earning loot like the M21 EBR — Cityscape and the SMRS — Hazy Light Weapon Blueprints, Calling Card — To the Light, plus credits and Weapon XP.

Events Beginning on January 31

Red Envelope Confirmed

Compete in 10v10 Kill Confirmed with a Lunar New Year twist, replacing dog tags with Red Envelopes, representing luck and happiness to family and friends. Further celebrate just by playing to earn loot like the R9-0 — Cityscape Weapon Blueprint, Sticker — Skull Aflame, Frag Grenade — Hazy Light, as well as credits and Weapon XP.

Events Beginning on February 4

Lunar New Year Puzzle

Log in and participate in all of the Lunar New Year–themed events to fill out pieces of the puzzle. Earn rewards for revealing the image such as the Epic Death Angel Alice — Laughtrack Operator Skin, the CR-56 AMAX — Winter Cheer Weapon Blueprint, and more.

Year of the Tiger Draw

This Lucky Draw features some incredible Lunar New Year–themed content, including but not limited to the Epic Urban Tracker — Pale Prowler Operator Skin, the Legendary Arctic .50 — Zodiac Beast Weapon Blueprint, the Emote — Tiger Style, and the Opulent Courage camo series for the Karambit, M13, helicopter, and other items.

May the Tiger Guide You

We wish you strength and prosperity in the Lunar New Year! Prepare to celebrate and reap the rewards of a new beginning. The Lunar New Year event begins starting January 28th UTC.

See you online.

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